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Stages of student selection

  • Eligibility checks the candidates' files are collected via the common application portal and distributed to the members of the Selection Committee. Each committee member does the eligibility check according to the standard rules of the program: Academic ranking, Relevance of the bachelor's degree, Reference quality and relevant additional information.

  • Definition of a Pre-Nominal list. The selection committee builds a list of the candidates to interview.

  • If the application is among the best ranked and thus selected for the second selection round, the selection committee will contact the candidate for a final face-to-face interview through the Internet. The interview is designed to assess motivation and language skills. During the interview, the knowledge of the candidate in neuroscience and data science is tested but will only serve a minor role in the decision process. In addition, the board members answer questions from the candidate about the program.

  • Final and Reserve Nomination list Candidates are assigned to tracks. A final list of nominated students is prepared, considering their preferences and the need to divide the applicants across all tracks homogenously. In addition, a reserve list of names is added to choose new candidates in case some initially selected ones decline to join the NeuroData EMJM. This final list will be announced by the Coordinating Institution to all candidates within the given deadline after the approval of the EACEA agency. The administration board validates the grant attribution. If a nominated student withdraws their application, the next person from the reserve list moves up to take the free place. The final decision will be returned to the selected students so that they can complete the visa procedure before August.

Applicants’ Appeals

All the applicants have the right to appeal the decision of the Selection Committee. Appeals (only duly signed letters will be considered) can be submitted by email as pdf attachments to the NeuroData Coordination Office’s email within one week after the publication of the selection results.


Official application results for admission are expected to be available in April. Applicants will be notified of the application results by email once it is available. Results will NOT be released through any telephone enquiries.

The NeuroData Selection is a fair, competitive process. Due to the limited places available and the high number of applications, the Selection Committee has to be very selective. However, in case of non-selection and if they have grounds to believe that their application file, although complete, has not been processed through the selection procedure, they may ask for further details by writing directly to the NeuroData Coordination office:

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